Exclusive Assets is a full service luxury asset brokerage and marketing agency. Our private seller services are custom-tailored and aimed at selling your luxury asset fast for the best possible price. Our experience, services, technology and, most important, our results cannot be beat.

Whether you are buying or selling, your personal broker works directly with you every step of the way to make sure your entire Exclusive Assets experience is 100% enjoyable. Our services are custom-tailored to meet the needs of each client and any luxury asset we are in contract with.

To ensure the best possible return for your luxury asset, professional photographs must be taken. We will dispatch a local professional photographer to take a full set of photos of your asset. We then colour-correct each photo to ensure they accurately portray the perfect colour, detail and condition of your asset. Red paint will be red, not pink, a black interior will look black, not washed out due to photo over-exposure. Once colour-corrected, we then put the photos in strategic viewing order to best tell your asset’s story. And yes… you will receive a full set photos for keepsake.

At this point your luxury asset is ready to be syndicated for literally the world to see. Your asset will be displayed, optimized and monitored on each of the major listing sites, plus dozens more locally and internationally.

Every luxury asset owner knows at least one other luxury asset owner who uses social media. Whether it’s chatting with like-minded friends about other collectable assets or posting pictures of their own assets, social media is an excellent channel to get your luxury asset out to highly qualified prospects. This is very important. For optimal results, social media marketing must be done professionally.

Every step of the way Exclusive Assets works to make your life easier and make sure all I’s are dotted and all T’s are crossed so that you don’t have to. Rest assured, when you get Exclusive Assets working on your behalf, the only thing you will need to worry about is what new luxury asset you are going to buy when we sell yours for you. We do virtually everything so you don’t have to. We do the marketing, we expedite the paperwork, we deal with the buyer, we coordinate the hand-over and much more.

At Exclusive Assets, we do multi-point inspections on every luxury asset we are in contract with. We protect the buyer and seller at all times. We will arrange for your luxury asset to be inspected, even at your home or office. We handle every aspect of the process for you.

The description of the luxury asset is a critical component to get right when marketing such an investment asset. Before we start writing a description, we will gather all of the information about your asset, including the features, history, remaining warranty information, condition report and comparable in the market. Once we have all the information, we then compose a professionally edited description to accompany your assets profile.

Luxury asset buyers and investors today are literally always on the go. Like you, these individuals are busy and when they see a luxury asset they want, they just buy it. Connecting with these people via their mobile device is absolutely critical and Exclusive Assets has mastered this. The Exclusive Assets client database is unlike any and our communication technology is state-of-the-art. Your luxury asset will be professionally marketed via email and text to our incredibly targeted database made up of collectors and investors, buyers and sellers. This is yet another step we will take to create a multi-channel marketing approach to selling your luxury asset.

Personal and financial protection is essential in any transaction, no matter the item. Your personal and financial interests are maintained through our due-diligence and protected by strict buyer pre-screening processes and handling any and all funds through secure means, while always keeping you up to date.

At Exclusive Assets, we provide independent on-site appraisals and written valuations for all luxury and collectible assets anywhere in Cape Town. Each asset is thoroughly appraised and researched by our experienced experts, taking into account rarity, originality, modifications, personal appointments and the condition of each asset. Each valuation certificate is completed in accordance with both bank and insurance requirements.